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12Play: Best Online Betting Singapore for Esports Betting

What is E-sports? Is E-sports a Sport?

E-sports (a.k.a. electronic sports) is a new sport competition through video games. Esports betting has become increasingly famous in online casino Singapore in recent years. It is now possible to bet on all sports and esports events anywhere in any part of the world. The reason for this is because the emergence and popularity of the Internet overlapped the social and geographic.

Esports Betting Singapore: The Trend in SG Online Casino

Compared with traditional online gambling (such as 4D online betting, online sports betting, live casino, online slot games), esports betting Singapore is a relatively new form of betting in the industry of online betting Singapore. With such huge growth, the e-sport betting market is estimated to be worth nearly $30 billion globally by 2020. Esports games have a large fan base and are popular with youngsters and teenagers. Casual game players play esports games just for entertainment and enjoyment. Although most people just play casually, some players will participate in esports tournaments and become professional esports game players. Casual games may be competitive, but professional e-sports is another level that ordinary players cannot achieve. When the income of esports gamers is much higher than ordinary employees, esports gamers have become an attractive career choice.

Competitive Esports Betting for E-Tournaments in Singapore

There is a wide selection of different games in esports. You'll get the widest range of Singapore esports betting on all the most famous esports tournaments at 12Play online betting Singapore site. At 12Play online esports betting Singapore site, we provide you with good coverage of esports events so you can easily place your bets. You can check out all available e-sports tournaments and leagues in each esports game through our website with mobile-friendly design. You won't miss any esports event in Singapore. If you encounter any issues, please contact our best customer service.

Top E-sports Tournaments & League among Esports Singapore

The esports league has been held for many years. Some popular esports tournaments have prize pools that can run into millions of USD dollars for matches. The most popular game with the biggest supporters among the games in esports is definitely Dota 2. 12Play online esports betting Singapore site features all the large e-sports tournaments or leagues for Dota 2. This includes e-sports tournaments such as Dota 2 annual Dota Summit, StarLadder i-Leagued Invitational and The International.

In addition to Dota 2 Leagues, 12Play online esports betting Singapore site also includes all e-sports tournaments in League of Legends (LOL), Counter-strike (CS:GO), PUBG, Overwatch, Call of Duty, Fortnite and etc.

League of Legends (LOL) has rapidly become one of the most popular and anticipated multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) esports game of this era, and it has been popular for nearly a decade. Two teams (5 in each team) battle each other in the canyon with the goal of destroying the enemy team's buildings while protecting the main base of their own team.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is the 4th in the Counter-Strike series and has been one of the most popular first-person shooter (FPS) esports games since its release in 2012. On the limited map, terrorists place bombs in one location, and the anti-terrorist team needs to stop them, and the two sides engage in a fierce battle.

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter (FPS) video game that has quickly become a popular esports game since 2006. The release of "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" in 2007 marks the entry of this series of games into the e-sports world. Now it has expanded to a wider range of modern esports game types.

Each round of Fortnite esports game has up to 100 players, either single or in groups, who survive until the last wins. Players jump into the limited map and look for useful weapons and armor there. The game area gradually shrinks over time, forcing players to take more actions until there is only one player or team left.

12Play online casino Singapore site has been at the forefront of e-sport betting in Singapore. No matter what kind of esports betting Singapore you are looking for, 12Play online betting Singapore site can meet your needs! With just a few clicks, you can find all your favorite odds of esports and bet types here. Support your favourite team in esports now!

Can Online Esports Betting Singapore Make Money?

Yes. Of course! But it depends on how well you know about e-sports and how much effort you are willing to put on esports betting Singapore.

If you want to increase your chances of winning in an online esports betting Singapore site, you need to work hard to learn and understand these e-sports knowledge. You have to do a lot of research and analysis and develop a winning strategy before making decisions on esports betting Singapore.

Our 12Play online betting Singapore site can help you on your way to esports betting Singapore success. We may not have a perfect blueprint for making money from e-sport betting, but we do have some useful tips. You can find more information about e-sports on our online casino Singapore blog page. We have provided a lot of useful information and suggestions in the “Esports Games and Winning Tips in Esports Betting Singapore” guide, which will teach you all the necessary e-sports knowledge.

Why Not All Singapore Online Betting Sites Cover Esports Betting Game?

Esports betting has become so popular now, but why is it not a casino game that all online casino Singapore will offer?

The lack of relevant resources may be the reason why small online betting Singapore sites do not add esports betting games. As it's not a matter of simply throwing out some e-sports odds and making money suddenly, e-sport betting is usually only provided by large online betting sites in Singapore. Large online betting Singapore sites like 12Play have a lot of resources to introduce esports betting games to their online casino Singapore. This is also a betting game decided to be introduced after full investigation and consideration by our Singapore online betting experts.

Why Does Esports Only Bet Online But Not Offline?

Choosing to place a bet at an online betting Singapore site like 12Play is the easiest and most convenient way to bet on e-sports. What's more, if you place an esports bet on an online casino Singapore, you still have a chance to get extra casino bonuses and high esports odds. If you consider these advantages together, then you will know the answer to this question.

Another reason is that placing an esports bet at an online betting Singapore site is your only option. The options for esports betting Singapore are still limited for now. In Singapore, there is no physical betting store where you can bet on e-sports, and you can only bet online at an online betting Singapore site. The advantage of betting on esports online is that as long as you have a mobile device and internet, you can bet on your favorite esports games, players or teams anytime, anywhere.

Why Choose to Bet on Esports at 12Play Online Casino Singapore?

We are an established online casino Singapore that is known in the market for our good reputations. In addition to being able to easily browse our website, we also allow different ways of deposit methods. Some low rated online esports betting Singapore sites might have delayed withdrawal payout, but in 12Play online betting Singapore site, you don't have to worry about it. We guarantee 100% payment and provide a simple and quick withdrawal process.

In addition, compared to other Singapore online sports betting operators, 12Play online betting Singapore site offers you the most competitive odds and lines. To ensure you get the best e-sports odds for Dota 2, Hearthstone, LOL, CS:GO, or other leagues, we will constantly compare our prices with other online betting Singapore sites.

Popular Types of Esports Bets in Online Betting Singapore Site

The following is an overview of the esports betting Singapore options available in online betting Singapore site for beginners.

1. Real Money Betting

Real money betting is the most commonly used form of e-sport betting, which is the most similar to online sports betting. When they have the correct prediction of outcome, players bet at the agreed odds and get rewarded.

2. Skin Betting

Skin betting also refers to item betting and it is a popular type of betting among football fans. Players can usually transfer virtual currencies and other game items in those esports games. Skin betting refers to players using these currencies and items to replace real money and betting on the outcome of an esports tournament.

3. Fantasy Betting

Fantasy betting is different from traditional betting, which places bets on the players you like rather than the outcome of the game. You will earn points based on the performance of the supporting player in an esports tournament. At the end of the entire tournament, the player with the most points will get their payouts from the online betting Singapore site.

Whether it's sports or esports betting, you’ll find betting on 12Play online betting Singapore site is the most suitable choice for you. Sign up and login now! Download our mobile casino app to have a better online betting Singapore experience!